Congresswoman Judy Chu, 27th Congressional District of CA
State Senator Anthony Portantino, 25th Senate District
State Assemblymember Chris Holden, 41st Assembly District
LA County Supervisor, 5th District, and Chair, Board of Supervisors Kathryn Barger
Odom Stamps, Former Mayor, City of South Pasadena
Becky Thompson, Cultural Heritage Commission
Mark Smeaton, Design Review Board
Fred Findley, Chair, Finance Commission
Edward Elsner, Finance Commission
Zhen Tao, Finance Commission
Ellen Wood, Finance Commission
Laura Dahl, Planning Commission
John Lesak, Planning Commission
Jeremy Ding, Chair, Public Safety Commission
Edward Donnelly, Public Safety Commission
Shireen Chang, Senior Citizen Commission

Gerry Au
Beverly Biber
Gary and Nancy Breaux
Artis and Bob Bunn
Lisa Cavelier
John Chang
Sulynn Chee
Melissa Cheng
Chris Cheung
Janis Chew
Frank Catania
Yuki Cutcheon
Steve Dahl
Jonathan Eisenberg and Linda Nguyen
Dorothy Eng
Ralph and Gloria Gee
Richard Gerrish and Jenny Ho
Mike Ginn
Gayle and William Glauz
Bill and Lee Gong
Clint and Terri Granath
Wayne Hegedus
Steve and Christy Hennessee
Sam Hernandez and Corlyn Saldana

Allen and Jennifer Ho
George and Gwen Holmes
Jim and Lou Howorth
Wen and Pat Huang
Joey Joe
Lindsay Joe
Christine Joe
Sally Kilby
Barbara Klein
Arnold and Tina Kum
Alex and Grace Kung
Scott Lam
Margaret Lee
Adrian and Stephanie Lee
Jimmie Lee
Henry and Jane Lee
Sabrina Li
Shun Liang
Robert Liu
Jim Mentel
Scott and Jeanette Ong
Juliane Ong
Marv and Eileen Quon
Linda Puchalski
James and Lissa Reynolds
Andrew and Sherry Rottenbacher
Herb and Anamarie Rottenbacher
Chris Saito
Robyn Saito
Dean Serwin
Herb Shon
Mark Smeaton
Matt Sweeney
Wayne and Millicent Tam
Becky Thompson
Keith Tsung
Helen Tsung
Bob and Lori Vanderwall
Lin and Alan Vlacich
Jeanie Wong
Paul and Chiuying Wu
Ted and Fay Yee
Melissa Yen
Raymond Yen
Jose Luis Zavala

….partial list

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